Random Quotes

1.       I can sum up everything about life in 3 words: IT GOES ON.

2.       Never be an option. Be a priority. Don’t just take what you can get. Demand.

3.       In the end it doesn’t matter how many friends you had, all that really matters is how many stayed with you.

4.       Everyone comes into your life for a reason; some good, some bad. They shape, form and break us. But in the end they make us who we are.

5.       Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they’ll notice. If they don’t, you know where you stand with them.

6.       Someday you’ll wake up and realize that you let the best thing to ever happen to you slip through your fingers.

7.       You say I’m always happy and that I’m good at what I do, but what you’ll never realize is that I’m a good actress too.

8.       Love me without fear. Trust me without wondering. Love me without restrictions. Want me without demand. Accept me for who I am.

9.       Secrets aren’t healthy 4 relationships. Work on strengthening your trust, so the word secret can become irrelevant 2 the relationship.

10.   Some of us need to stop chasing the wrong things & the wrong one and start focusing on what matters & who is best for us.

11.   Love someone even if you Suffer, Cry, & Fight. Bcoz in the end you’ll be able to say : I suffered, Cried, & Fought.. But I Loved You.

12.   GOD gives good things every day. Yet, we often ignore them and dwell on the bad things around us.

13.   If someone wants to be a part of your life, they’ll be there. So don’t bother saving a spot for someone who won’t make an effort to stay.

14.   The person who really loves you will never leave your side no matter how hard things, get through better or worse.

15.   There’s a difference between being two faced and not liking someone, yet respecting them.

16.   You shouldn’t put your life on hold for someone who made it clear they can live without you ..move on!

17.   Grudges r a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when u can, apologize when u should & let go of what u can’t change. #FNT

18.   Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, avoid the b.s, take chances, & never regret because at one point it was what u wanted.

19.   Who ever lies FOR you, will lie AGAINST you.

20.   Ladies if you have a good man appreciate him because there’s alot of single women waiting to get their hands on 1..♥

21.   What To Do Today: If you find yourself reacting negatively to anyone in a way that isn’t peaceful, refrain from speaking until you are calm.

22.   Don’t give up on life just yet. There are other people in the world with worse problems. Hang in there.

23.   Even if courage fails you, tell that special someone that you love them in anyway possible.

24.   You shouldn’t say everything you know, but you should know everything you say.

25.   You can run from the disappointments you’re trying to forget. But it’s only when you embrace & accept your past that you truly Move forward.

26.   I want you to be mine .. just so I can have the right to kiss you anytime I want. ♥

27.   One of A woman’s worst feeling is being unappreciated by the only guy she’s willing to do anything for..

28.   Struggles make you stronger and the changes make you wise. Happiness has its own way of taking it’s sweet time.

29.   Just because somebody doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have.

30.   Just because you didn’t speak the facts out loud didn’t erase their existence. Silence was just a quieter way to lie.

31.   I don’t want a perfect relationship. I just want someone who I can act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me.

32.   Sometimes, that girl who seems so strong, who never lets what people say bother her,is really the girl who, deep down,is falling to pieces.

33.   why lie about things? you had the balls to do it, have the balls to own up to it.

34.   Every girl deserves a guy that will treat her like the queen she was born to be♥

35.   Putting on a fake smile so you don’t have to explain why you’re not happy. Some way to HideYourPain ..

36.   I know a lot more than I pretend to, & a hell of a lot more than you think I do. 🙂

37.   Some lessons can’t be taught, they simply have to be learned. – Jodi Picoult

38.   Tip to reduce weight: Turn your head to the left and then turn it to the right. Repeat exercise when offered something to eat.

39.   Love with reservation is not at all love.. if you really do love, Love with all your heart

40.   Don’t take a good woman for granted. Someday someone will come along and appreciate what you didn’t. ♥

41.   Every relationship has its problems. But what makes it perfect is if you still wanna be together, when things really suck

42.   You can’t lose what’s not yours, keep what’s not yours, or hold onto something that doesn’t wanna stay.

43.   Call me Jealous, Insecure, or Selfish. i dont care. But i wouldn’t Keep a Man who says I Love You to Every One.

44.   Sometimes we play with love. But when the time comes and we realize we wanna get serious, love plays with us.

45.   Love is a trap. When it comes, we see only its light, not its shadows. -Paulo Coelho

46.   Trust is like a mirror. Once it’s broken, it can be fixed but you can still see the cracks in its reflection.

47.   When people have something bad to say about you, just remember – they have nothing good to say about themselves.

48.   “Hatred will not cease by hatred, but by love alone. This is the ancient law.” -Buddha

49.   If I actually did “live like there’s no tomorrow”. I’d be in jail…

50.   It’s not like im even playing “hard to get”, but you could at least put in some effort.

51.   Sweetie, if you’re going to be two-faced; at least make one of them pretty.

52.   Before making a decision, ask for guidance. Be patient and await an answer. Act only when you feel calm and certain.

53.   /\/’\/|\/’\|_____/\/’\/|\/’\| that’s my heart beat, See that part in the middle, That’s what happened when I stopped thinking about you.

54.   #EnlightenedLiving: Law #20: No matter what the situation, remind yourself “I have a choice.”

55.   You never lose while loving someone, you lose when you hold back

56.   Look, I know that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but, you’re my Nemo. ♥

57.   You know you wouldn’t Drown.. Why? cuz “PLASTICS” Float! #ITQ

58.   If you want to get a different result, you can’t keep doing the same thing.

59.   Don’t worry, you’ll find yourself. Follow your heart and nothing else.

60.   The Past? It’s Done. It’s Unchangeable. Move On!

61.   Sometimes it’s not the Words we Say.. But the S.-I.L.E.N.C.E that lies between them that Kills us the most.

62.   I’ve learned to never regret, every turn of events, unexpected twist, makes us the person we are today.

63.   Nothing in a Person’s Outward appearance impresses GOD — GOD looks upon the inner beauty, the beauty of One’s Heart.

64.   Just because I don’t talk to u doesn’t mean I don’t care.. I’m just waiting for u to talk to me to see if you really care #ITQ

65.   It’s funny how the people that hurt you the most, are the ones you Trusted that they never would.

66.   Don’t get stuck with the thing that ruins your day, there’s a lot of things u can give your time into.

67.   Better not to mind the thing that depresses you, because it only makes you weak inside and out.

68.   Some women are greedy. They want all things from one man. Some men are simple. They want one thing from all women.

69.   A guy who truly loves his girl doesn’t need to unbutton her shirt to have a better view of her heart.

70.   Think before you Act because No amount of makeup can cover up the ugly things you’ve done.

71.   Anger is just a cowardly extension of sadness. It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.

72.   Every changed person can change back. Every broken heart can be fixed. And every faded friendship can be restored.

73.   People will change, hearts will get broken, and friendships will fade away. But that doesn’t mean we should give up.

74.   I’m the type of girl you bring home… Just to meet your mom (:

75.   You can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re always thinking about Yesterday.

76.   At a point in your life, you realize who is and who isn’t worth your time.

77.   Don’t let anger controls your mouth, cause you’ll regret what you said afterwards.

78.   You can’t hurt someone unless you mean something to them.

79.   Dear Customer Service: First of all, you should know that I’m typing this with my middle finger.

80.   Set out to do what is right and meaningful to you and to others each waking day fo your life.

81.   Listen up.. You gotta start listening to your brain every once in a while.., if you want to save your heart.

82.   Why worry about things you cant change? Move on because life isn’t waiting.

83.   “Things happen for a reason!” I know my life will get better because my journey has just begun.

84.   Loving someone who can’t love you back is way lonelier than being alone.

85.   Letting Go is like trying to peel off a band-aid; you want to do it, but you’re scared it’s going to hurt.

86.   Those who forget, don’t matter. But those who matter, don’t forget.

87.   What’s meant to be, will always find its way! #dailyteen

88.   An apology may be a sign of weakness, but having the courage to go up to someone and say sorry is a strength.

89.   “When you find your path, you need to have courage to make mistakes ”

90.   Be happiest in this moment and be happier in the next. Mean while, live life as though there is no tomorrow.

91.   My plan is to forgive and forget: forgive myself for being stupid, and forget you ever existed.

92.   I wish I could saved all the tears I cried for you, so I could fucking drown you in them.

93.   Sometimes you’ve got to smile and walk away… Hold your tears in and pretend like you’re okay.

94.   The worst feeling ever is not knowing whether you should wait or give up.

95.   Confidence comes not from always being right.. but from not fearing to be wrong!




1.      *You’re 2 inches away from me, but you’re still too far away*

2.      0LD MR. WEBSTER
could never define
what`s being said between
your heart and mine. <33

3.      A kiss is just a *kiss* till you find the one you Love
A hug is just a *hug* till it’s the one you’re thinking of
A dream is just a *dream* till you make it come true
Love is just a *word* till it’s proven to you.

4.      All our memories will be locked up tight
Even all our stupid fights
The laughs, the tears, the cries, the fears
Have built up thru the years
I’ll never let us be apart
& you will always remain in my heart.

5.      Cinderella walked on broken glass. Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass. Belle fell in love with a hideous beast. Jasmine married a common thief. Ariel walked on land for love and life. Snow White barely escaped a knife. It was all about blood, sweat, and tears, because love, means facing your biggest fears.

6.      Destiny determines who comes…
Your heart determines who stays.<3

7.      Each time i miss u,
a star falls down from the sky.
So, if you looked up at the sky,
and found it dark with no stars ,
it is all your fault,
You made me miss you too much.

8.      Everyone has a weakness, you just happen to be mine.

9.      Gravity can’t be blamed
for people falling in love

10.  hug harder, laugh louder, smile bigger, love longer ‹3

11.  I couldn’t tell fact from fiction or if my dream was true,
the only sure prediction in this whole world, was you.

12.  i don’t have anything to o f f e r but i have my h e a r t ?

13.  I love when my heart smiles,
but the best of all,
it smiles because of you.

14.  I love you boy, can’t you see,
your simply *everything* to me.

15.  I was lonely and scared
I asked god for an angel
and he sent me something
even better he sent me you.

16.  I’m a drug – You’re a addict…Come on now baby, Make me your worst habit.

17.  I’m a lover, not a fighter, but i’ll fight for what I love.

18.  I’m addicted to those kisses that keep me up all night
I never knew that anything could ever feel so right.

19.  If I could be an angel I’d make your every wish come true..
But I am only human, just a girl who’s loving you

20.  If I could have 3 wishes,
I wouldn’t wish for the stars,
the moon, the riches and this life.
But for 25 hours a day,
8 days a week,
and 13 months a year
to spend a longer time with you.

21.  if i could rearrange the letters of the ABC’s
i would put U and I together
and next to each other forever.

22.  If I count how many times
you’ve crossed my mind in my entire life,
I’d be lying if I said it was too many cause
you only crossed my mind once,
why? You never left .

23.  if I ever write the story of my life,
don’t be surprised when your name
appears a billion times.

24.  If I were a star – He’d be my sky.

25.  If it’s wrong to love you,
then my heart just
wont let me be right.

26.  If love was a law i would be in prison for the rest of my life

27.  If you always love who you always liked
Then you’ll always get who you always got.

28.  If You’re Asking If I Need You
The Answer Is Forever,
If You’re Asking If I’ll Leave You
The Answer Is Never,
If You’re Asking What I Value
The Answer Is You,
If You’re Asking If I Love You
The Answer Is I Do

29.  If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever.. If Your asking if I’ll Leave U the answer is Never..If Your asking what I value the Answer is U.. if Your asking if I love U the answer is I do.

30.  In this world of black and white, you are my colored picture

31.  It takes millions of people to complete the world, but it only takes one to complete mine!

32.  It’s been said that you only truly fall in love once,
but I don’t believe it.
Every time I see you,
I fall in love all over again.

33.  Just the thought of being with you tomorrow,
is enough to get me through today.

34.  kisses don’t mean anything
*until your in love*

35.  Last night I looked up at the stars
And matched each one with a reason why I love you
I was doing great, but then I ran out of stars

36.  Late at night when all the world is sleeping,
I stay up and think of you.
And I wish on a star,
that somewhere you are thinking of me too

37.  Like a song stuck in my head, you are stuck in my heart.

38.  Love is when you fall asleep in his arms..
..And wake up in his dreams..

39.  Love is…running into his arms,
Colliding with his heart
And exploding into his soul.

40.  Love isn’t what makes the world go round
Baby, it just makes the ride worth while

41.  Love me now or love me never
but if your going to love me,
Love me forever.

42.  LOVE noun ( add your own definition )

43.  Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was a choice,
falling in love with you
was beyond my control.

44.  Once Upon a Time,
Something Happened To me,
It was the Sweetest Thing that ever could be.
It was a Fantasy,
A dream Come True,
It was the Day i Met You.

45.  Some may call it destiny
Some may call it meant to be
But I just call it you-and-me

46.  Sometimes I wonder if life is really worth it,
then I look at your smile and I know it is.

47.  The space between the tears we cry
is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more

48.  There is a *sparkle* in your eye that only i see..
and there is a place in your heart where only I wanna be.

49.  There is one thing that makes me wake up in the morning,
and its thinking of seeing *you* that day.

50.  They said that Disney land is the best place in the world – Obviously they’ve never been in your arms.

51.  Three little words they
were dying to tell each other,
no it wasn’t I love you…
it was we belong together

52.  When you finally find someone who
you want to spend
the rest of your life with,
you want the rest of your life
to start right away.

53.  Whenever we’re apart
it feels like a part of me is missing…
and then I remember,
you have my heart.

54.  You are incredible
…my only one…
I never thought love
..could be passionate fun..

55.  You are what happened
when I wished upon a star.

56.  You can fall from the sky, You can fall from a tree, But the best way to fall, Is in love with me

57.  You can fall to the floor, you can fall from a tree,
but the best way to fall is in love with me

58.  You have to kiss a lot of toads
before you find a handsome prince.

59.  Your heart is on the left, But it’s always right

60.  your one of a kind
which also means
your kinda [ the one ]


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