Letting Go/Moving On

Heartbreak Quotes

1.      & as soon as forever is through, I will be over you.

2.      & she will fool everyone
with her fake smile and pretend laugh

3.      &&. once you realize what you had was good, ill be long gone

4.      A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it.

5.      A heart is not a play thing, a heart is not a toy, but if you want it broken, just give it to a boy.

6.      A million words would not bring you back, I know because I’ve tried, neither would a million tears, I know I’ve cried.

7.      After a while you would think we’d eventually learn

8.      And now we pass and just like glass
you see through me like I’m not there

9.      As i wait here in the silence i hear my steady heart beat.
I don’t see why u cant be with me.but its the way it has to be.
I told myself I wouldn’t cry, but I am still asking God why.
Yes it hurts, though it goes to show, that God only takes the best.

10.  Dear Brain, Sorry for overloading you. Dear Tummy, Sorry for the butterfly’s. Dear Pillow, Sorry for the tears. Dear Heart, Sorry for all the damage.

11.  dear heart,
today i met a boy; prepare to shatter

12.  Did the tin man really have it so bad? Life would be so much easier without a heart to break.

13.  Don’t be so quick to give your heart away, because someone will take it and throw it away.

14.  don’t break my heart; all I’ll do is lose the pieces

15.  don’t ever make someone your everything because if you lose them, you’ll have nothing.

16.  don’t tell me you love me if you don’t really mean it
because i might do something crazy, like believe it

17.  Everyone tells me I should forget about you, you don’t deserve me. They’re right, you don’t deserve me, but I deserve you.

18.  Fairy tales are just a fake happy ending so little kids wont be scared to grow up and fall in love.

19.  Have you ever heard the saying “Never regret something that made you smile” well, that’s a lie. If i would have known that things would have ended the way they did, i would have never smiled.

20.  How could an Angel break my heart? Why didn’t he catch my falling star? I wish I didn’t wish so hard. Maybe I wished our love apart.

21.  I am Mad, I am Hurt, I am Devastated & people wonder why I have built this wall around me, well it keeps me safe!

22.  I am waiting for the day you realize what you gave up on

23.  I cried today, not because I miss you or even wanted you, but because I realized I’m gonna be alright without you.

24.  i don’t make mistakes, i just date them.

25.  I don’t understand, by they way you look at me, why we can’t be together.

26.  I guess I thought you’d be here forever. Another illusion I chose to create. Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And I found out just a little too late.

27.  I had a heart and it was true. It fled from me and went to you. Be kind to it as I have done, for you have two and I have none.

28.  I hide a broken heart behind a laughing face & even though i said I’m over you no one will ever take your place…

29.  i keep playing the same song over and over
because all it reminds me is of you
& how special you made me feel

30.  I love you yet, I hate you, it’s like I want to throw you off a cliff and then run really fast to the bottom and catch you.

31.  I must be a pretty good liar for you to honestly think that everything alright.

32.  I regret every word I said to make him feel special.

33.  I think of you, I just can’t talk to you. I miss you, I just can’t admit it. I need you, I just can’t show you. I love you, I just can’t tell you.

34.  I want to kiss you, and punch you all at the same time. When I’m not around you, I hate you, but the moment you show up, I love you all over again.

35.  I was born the day I met you, lived a while when you loved me, died a little when we broke apart.

36.  i was so stupid to think for a moment you actually cared

37.  i wish i was as invisible as you make me feel

38.  I wish that I was as Invisible as you make me feel.

39.  I wish you weren’t in my dreams.

40.  I wished I could save all the tears I cried for you so I could drown you in them.

41.  I’m not gonna cry. I’m waving goodbye and I know this time you got nothing on me.

42.  If he misses you, he’ll call. If he wants you, he’ll say it. And if he cares, he’ll show it. If not, he can’t be worth your time because you’re obviously not worth this.

43.  It hurts to see someone you love ignoring you, it also hurts to see that he doesn’t feel your love.

44.  It hurts to see you walk away. For admit it or not, you were an important part of my life and the time we shared will forever be a part of me. So even though I realize that it was never meant to be, still, it hurts.

45.  It takes a couple seconds to say Hello, but forever to say Goodbye.

46.  It took me a minute to know you, a day to love you and a week to want to be with you forever, yet it only took you 1 second to break my heart.

47.  It’s completely impossible to find a guy who won’t ever hurt you, so go for the guy who will make the pain worth while.

48.  it’s funny how someone can break your heart
but you still love them with all the little pieces

49.  it’s hard to let someone in when every time you did;
your heart was left in a million pieces

50.  It’s hard to tell your mind to stop loving some one when your heart still does.

51.  It’s okay. Go ahead and make me cry, let me down, and break me. It’s not like I had feelings or a heart in the first place.

52.  It’s time to wake up from my fairy tale and realize there’s no such thing as a prince charming.

53.  Just hit play and watch my life fall apart.

54.  Love can tear you apart… it can kill you. But if you’re lucky, it can put you back together.

55.  Love doesn’t walk away. People do.

56.  love is like a weapon it can be the only thing that is keeping u alive in this world or it can be the thing that will kill you later

57.  Love is like falling down… in the end you’re left hurt, scarred, and with a memory of it forever.

58.  love starts with a smile
grows with a kiss
and ends with a tear

59.  Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it so difficult.

60.  My heart was taken by you…broken by you…and now it is in pieces because of you

61.  My knight and shining armor turned out to be just a stupid boy in tin foil.

62.  My soul is bare, my spirit battered, My heart inside is ripped and tattered… My pain is almost too much to bare, No pain before has ever compared.

63.  Never regret! Whether it’s good, bad, wonderful, or heartbreaking, it’s living at it’s most real. Always learn and become stronger for what you’ve experienced.

64.  No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends.

65.  Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.

66.  One day you are going to turn around and expect me to be standing there waiting for you to realize that I do mean something to you.. and you are going to see me walking away.

67.  One day you’ll look back and think “that girl really did love me”

68.  One day you’ll wake up and realize i was everything you ever wanted… but when that day comes I’ll be waking up next to the one who already knew…

69.  People always say to follow your heart but what they don’t tell you.. Is that, just because you follow your heart, it doesn’t mean there’ will be a happy ending.

70.  Promises are meant to be broken I know, because I learned that from you.

71.  She closes her eyes, as make-up runs down her face. He got the best of her.

72.  she completely fell for him : but he didn’t even stumble

73.  She’s just another girl believing in something that will never happen.

74.  Silly Boy, Open your eyes, she has more feelings for you Than you Can Imagine..

75.  Some day you’ll cry for me like i cried for you
Some day you’ll miss me like i missed you
Some day you’ll need me like i needed you
Some day you’ll love me, but i wont love you!

76.  Someone can walk into your life and it is not until after they walk out that you realize that they were even there.

77.  Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again….skinned knees are easier to fix than broken hearts!

78.  sometimes in order to not fall apart,
you have to let go of what keeps you together.

79.  Sometimes it’s better to be alone. No one can hurt you that way.

80.  Sometimes the memories are worth the pain

81.  Sometimes you have to forget what you want,and remember what you deserve

82.  sometimes, when i say “oh, I’m fine”
i want you to look into my eyes
&& say “tell the truth”

83.  Stop trying to to change yourself for a relationship that’s not meant to be

84.  Take A bow…U hear the applause?
My Heart is broken and your the cause..
I played your game & u won..
Congratulations. Hope u had fun

85.  The hardest part about breaking up is letting go of the last piece of your heart.

86.  The hardest part of dreaming about someone you love is having to wake up.

87.  The heart is like a glass. Once broken, it can never be mended to it’s original state again. No matter how hard you’ll try, there’s always going to be a scar.

88.  The pain of having a broken heart is not so much as to kill you, yet not so little as to let you live.

89.  the worst thing you could do is make me fall for you
with no intentions to catch me

90.  There hasn’t been one day since you left where I haven’t fought the urge to put you back in my life.

91.  True love? I used to believe it existed, but when you’ve had your heart torn out and thrown on the floor, you just don’t care anymore.

92.  Try not to wonder about what might have been, ‘cause that was then and we have taken different roads. We can’t go back again, there’s no use giving in. And there’s no way to know, what might have been.

93.  Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew.

94.  We hide so we can be found, we walk away to see who will follow, we cry to see who will wipe away our tears & we let our heart get broken to see who will fix it.

95.  Where there is LOVE, there is HURT.

96.  While I was holding on, all you did was let go.

97.  Wish you were here. Wish I was there. Wish it was different. Wish wishes came true. I’d wish you back.

98.  you can’t cling on to something because it’s familiar

99.  You can’t leave me if I am already gone.

100.                      You hurt me once… shame on you. You hurt me twice… shame on me.

101.                      You made me fall for you and pretended to catch me, but in the end my heart fell to the ground and shattered.

102.                      You said that you loved me forever… I never knew forever had an expiration date..

103.                      you said we’d be together forever.
only thing is, forever aint over yet.

104.                      you`re everything to me
but I’m just another girl to you

105.                      You’re too many tears too late to ever get back in my arms.


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