All About Parenting

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

The TRUE meaning of LOVE…

“You only THOUGHT you knew about love until you hold your own child” – Whatever life I had before my son Lee Carmelo (Bon to family and friends) came along was nothing compared to the life I have now. Honestly, I occasionally miss the freedom and independence, but I would never trade my life now for it. I love Bon so much! He is my heart… my soul… my life… my world!







Great things about having my Lee Carmelo Dilay-Ballesteros:

  • Having a tickle-fest!
  • Getting a goodnight, good morning and even-if-there-is-no-reason kiss
  • Hearing him laugh even at my corniest jokes.
  • Getting swept up in his excitement.
  • Seeing the world anew through his eyes.
  • Having him crawl on my lap when he’s scared.
  • Hearing him saying, “I Love You, Mama…I Love You So Much, Mama”
  • Seeing how adorable he looks in his new clothes.
  • Kissing his little (even if it’s dirty and stinky…lol!) feet.
  • Listening to him sing his favorite songs.
  • Blowing kisses from the car as I leave.
  • Seeing his beautiful smile.
  • Melting when he makes me feel really good about myself.
  • Having my eyes fill with tears because I love him so much!

Thank you so much Bon for teaching me how to love selflessly and live in the moment. You don’t know how much happiness you bring in my life everyday… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I HOPE YOU FEEL THAT LOVE THROUGH MY HUGS and KISSES!


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