Home Sweet Home

Design your home with Feng Shui

The ancient principles of Feng Shui involve many complicated rules. However, you can incorporate positive “ch’i” (energy) in your home by following these simple guidelines.
Time Required: From one day to a lifetime…

Here’s How:

  1. Select a square or rectangular lot which is level. Water views are especially desirable.
  2. Place your front door so that it is easily accessible from the road. However, the pathway to your door should not form a straight line.
  3. Build only one front door. Never build double doors or two front entryways.
  4. Avoid rock gardens or obstructions near the entryway. Keep hedges trimmed back.
  5. Consult a ba-gua chart to select the most harmonious placement of rooms.
  6. Strive for high, well-lit ceilings.
  7. Pay special attention to the placement of doors, windows and stairways. Avoid long corridors and awkward or cramped floor plans.
  8. Consider the relationship between light, color and mood. Avoid strong overhead lighting and dark, monotone color schemes.
  9. Always seek clean lines and open spaces. Try to keep your new home free of clutter and debris.


  1. Listen closely to your instincts. What room arrangements make you feel most comfortable?
  2. If your architect does not embrace feng shui ideas, consider hiring a feng shui consultant to assist during the design process.
  3. Fill your new home with love and light. Honor it with a celebration.

Feng Shui Tips

Everything is made up of energy. Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement is a methodology that strives to achieve the optimal flow of Chi (life force energy) by the strategic placement of objects and furniture.


The Feng Shui Bagua Chart is a blueprint that when laid over your home or office tells you what each section of your place represents. By placing the furniture and objects in their optimal positions, that area of your life will be enhanced. If you are having trouble in a particular area of your life, see where it falls in your home according to the Bagua and clean up that part of your home. Then according to Feng Shui, that area of your life will then change.

Feng Shui Bagua Chart

The wall that contains your front door should represent the bottom line of the Bagua chart. With the rest of your home overlayed onto the rest of the chart.


– All beds should have a solid headboard and footboard (no slats).
– The headboard should be placed against a solid wall.
– The footboard should rise a couple of inches above the top of the mattress.
– A bed should never sit on the floor.
– If you have a two piece box spring (as in a king size bed) cover the top of the box spring with a red cloth to cover the split between the two pieces. It will help a couple to be more compatible.
– When you are sitting up in bed you should be able to see the door.
– However, the bed should not be straight in front of the door.
– There should be no live plants in the bedroom.
– No mirrors in the bedroom. This especially includes mirrored closet doors.
– Master bathrooms should always have doors and those doors should be kept closed.
– Bedrooms should be simple and quiet.
– The only photographs that should be in the bedroom are of those people who sleep there.


– Keep bathroom doors closed at all times.
– Keep the lid of the toilet down at all times.
– No family pictures in the bathroom.
– Shouldn’t be able to see the bathroom from the bedroom.


– When sitting at the desk you should be able to see the door.
– But, not in the direct pathway to the door.
– There should be a solid wall behind you.
– The best kind of desk goes all the way to the floor so that your feet are not exposed.
– Sit in a strong, high backed chair.
– In an office setting, the boss should have the office in one of the back corners. Never in the front.
– However, a home office is better in the front of the house.


– House numbers on the outside of your house should angle slightly upward from beginning to end. It encourages prosperity.
– Plants should never touch the outside of the house.
– Wind chimes are good outside the front door.
– If the first room you enter from the front door is the kitchen, you’ll gain weight while living in this house. Try to partition off your entry so you don’t go directly into the kitchen if possible.
– The front door should be solid wood. No glass!
– Keep the entire house and garage clear of clutter.
– Exposed ceiling beams cause a disruption in the flow of Chi. To lessen the effect, hang bamboo flutes at right angles where each beam where it meets the wall.
– In the kitchen, keep the stove immaculately clean to increase prosperity.
– If there is a fan, microwave or anything else hanging over the stove – hang a small bell there to keep your money from escaping up the vent.
– If your stove and sink are directly across from each other, hang a small crystal between them to reduce arguments between the husband and wife.
– If you can see the back door from your front door, hang a mirror over the inside of the back door to keep the Chi from escaping.


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