Headway School for Giftedness’ UN celeb

17 Oct

Headway School for Giftedness’ UN celeb have always had a theme. It wasn’t just about showcasing the costumes but more importantly, it’s about what the kids learn about each country. For Bon (this year), the theme is from the Russian folktale, “Flying Ship.” His costume will be from one of  the characters in the story. When I gave him a copy of the folklore, which his teacher sent, he proceeded in reading it. And this is what he said afterwards.
“I want to be Ivan. He actually is a very nice boy — he was very nice to the old man unlike his older brothers. He’s really smart and very determined and when he met the old man, the old man instructed Ivan on how to build a flying ship and he built it with great ease. He was so kind to everybody he was with in the ship. People called him a fool but he is actually very clever and kind. Please email teacher Eron and tell him I want to be Ivan.”
I am just so amazed coz instead of just looking at the photos of the costumes and picking the most beautiful one, he read the whole story and contemplated on which one he would choose. To think that Ivan has the worst costume coz like he said, people thought him a “fool”, was poor and always dirty.

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