Bon accelerated to grade 4!

09 Jun

Congratulations Bon for getting accelerated to grade 4! We’re so proud of you.. and so amazed! From grade 1, my 7yr old is now in grade 4. Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing for Bon. And well done my kulit! Parang wala lang kapag sinundo ka after the exams yun pala grabeng surprise ang ibibigay mo sa amin. And thank you coz makakatipid ako ng dalawang taon sa tuition fee.. nyahaha! IQ – Intellectually Superior, Gifted, Mental age range: 8 yrs old to >16 yrs old (kaya pala di maka-relate sa’yo mga ka-age mo dahil talaga palang matanda ka na mag-isip!) (Tests administered: Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT), Wechsler Intelligence Scale For Children (Fourth Edition) – WISC-IV, Raven Standard Progressive Matrices, Susan Harter’s Pictorial Scale of Perceived Competence & Social Acceptance for Young Children, Clinical Observations and Impressions and 10 subtests!) Nagmana ka talaga kay mama.. wehehe! So very proud of you! and thank you… I love you to the moon and back my Bon. Mwah ♥ (Testing Dates: May 3 and 10, Results: May 31)

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