“Hope” by Bon

09 Nov

“Hope” by Bon

Bon painted this during his art class (using his fingers). His teacher told the class to paint something about the environment. When asked what the title of his painting was and what it meant, this was his explanation. “The title of my painting is HOPE. The dark colors of my painting are signs of sadness and the sun is the sign of hope. So, my painting means that even if there is sadness, we should never lose hope.” He painted this when he was still 5 years old. Funny coz when he finished painting it, we thought that he just didn’t wanna finish the painting coz the only thing there showing something about the environment was the sun. Imagine our surprise when he said that he was done and then told us what was behind his painting. We actually were dumbfounded that the interpretation was that deep. When I saw this photo just now, I realized that Bon is really a “positive” individual. He sees the good in everything and everyone instead of the bad. I decided to post this on my wall because it’s related to our talk last night — “Never lose hope that everything and everyone can be better.” You never fail to amaze me baby! I’m so proud of you! I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL! Mwah

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Posted by on November 9, 2012 in Loves of My Life, Random Thoughts


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