Coz I’m a gentleman, right, mama?

09 Nov

When the elevator door opened, I told Bon, “Let the girls in first baby.” (So Bon will learn how to be a gentleman this early). Bon:”Why?” Me:”Coz you’re a boy!” (Short sure Bon will have a follow up question..meron nga! Nyahaha!) Bon:”Mama, why do boys have to let girls in first in the elevator, let them go first in line, (etc!)” Me:”Because it’s one way of being a gentleman, it’s a sign of respect to girls and good manners.” Bon:”Oh!” When I saw his face, I knew he was thinking of something else so I asked what it was. He said, “What should I do if the person is a “boy on the outside but a girl on the inside?” (He didn’t know what the correct term was) Since I still wasn’t sure what to say correctly, I asked for his opinion first. Me:”What do you think should you do?” Bon:”Hmmm, I guess eventhough they’re boys on the outside, they are still girls in their minds and hearts. So, I guess, I’ll give way and let them go first, too. Coz I’m a gentleman, right, mama?” Me:”Yes, baby. So proud of you!” Then I kissed him and went straight to NorthPark coz I was starving. Mwah ♥

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