who says it’s not fun na magkulong lang sa room?

13 Oct

So tired yet still wide awake. Just finished watching “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. Had a really fun day! KFC (as usual) delivery for lunch at West Triangle Homes. Dada, mama and Bon spent the day eating, playing iPad and iPhone games, dada played the guitar while singing, Bon played twinkle2 little star using dada’s guitar (para patulugin daw ako when siya naman ang gusto namin mag-nap) then we all slept for about an hour around 4 or 5pm. Dada and mama were planning to watch a movie while Bon slept but I was so sleepy, so natulog na lang kaming tatlo. Nakakaaliw coz we heard a balut vendor around 6pm so we bought 2 pcs of balut (dada) and 1 penoy (for me). It has been years since I last ate one that’s why bumili si Dex. It was Bon’s first time to see a balut so pinilit talaga kami to show him the duck — as in all of its parts daw! Wahaha! So, who says it’s not fun na magkulong lang sa room? I guess it’s time to say good night and sweet dreams everyone! God bless! Mwah ♥

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Posted by on October 13, 2012 in Loves of My Life, Random Thoughts


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