Tiring yet wonderful day!

12 Oct

Had an uber busy, productive, wonderful day! Stayed with Bon in school until around their snack time then went straight to dada’s. Cooked pork adobo for dada while he cooked rice for lunch. We watched Underworld: Awakening after. Constantine was the second movie which I wasn’t able to finish (actually start pa lang) coz I had to go back to school to pick up Bon around 3pm. Watched Artzooka and Winx Club with Bon (actually tinulugan ko na si Bon.. ahehe!). Dinner at Causeway Timog with relatives from Mindoro and California. Si Bon, PG (patay-gutom) mode — as in, for the first time, hindi nag-ingay coz busy sa pagkain ng fave Wanton noodle soup! Galit-galit ang emote! Kiti-kiti mode na nga lang ulit nung busog na. It was so great seeing them again. Thank you for the yummy, pampasira ng diet dinner auntie Tita and tito Elmer (Russelljeremy). BJ’s really tall now, I had to tiptoe just to hug and kiss him. Victoria, pretty as ever, so nice to see you again. Tito Buen and tita Onlet, you look so good. Nung hug ko nga si tita Onlet, woot woot coz liit ng waist, puede na makipag-compete sa still slim and sexy Karen. Thanks Ayen for the birthday gift and ubong for Bon. The RL shoes are still a bit big but magkakasya na rin in a few months coz mabilis lumaki paa ni Bon kaya don’t worry. Mas okay nga ‘yung malaki eh. Mom said thank you daw sa perfume and of course I love love love the dress. Pati color! Suotin ko nga tomorrow eh, wala ng labahan! Nyahaha! Seryoso! =D Have a safe flight tomorrow and paki-hug and kiss na lang sa lahat especially kay Micci and lola. And to everyone, good night, sweet dreams and God bless! MamaBon’s Saturday will be busy as well. Mwah ♥

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Posted by on October 12, 2012 in Loves of My Life, Random Thoughts


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