Bon, an answered prayer..

02 Oct

Dada, mama and everyone who loves him are proud of Bon! — definitely an understatement when it comes to what Bon did this morning in school.

It all started yesterday when Bon was begging for me to stay in his classroom (coz he was feeling “lonely”). Of course, I couldn’t coz it’s against school rules. When I left, he didn’t go to class and just sat on the sofa by his classroom. Ms. Jackie, Eton’s president, tried to convince him to go in but he didn’t budge. He just sat, silently crying. After his class, he saw me talking to Ms. Jackie. He asked me why and I said we had a short meeting about school activities and that she wanted to know how he was. Then we left it at that.

This morning, he told me, “Mama, I’m not going straight to the classroom yet. I WANT TO TALK TO THE PRESIDENT.” I said she wasn’t there yet so he patiently waited for her. When she finally arrived, true to his word, he went to her office, knocked on her door and said, “Good morning…” (became silent for a few seconds) then whispered to me what he wanted to say and told me to tell it to Ms. Jackie. He said, “Don’t worry, what happened yesterday will not happen again!” The president got teary-eyed and called him her angel. She told Bon that she just came from the church and prayed to God to send her an angel (to assure her that everything will be okay and to make her happy). So, when Bon knocked on her door and said those words, she was so touched and saw him as an answered prayer from God. And that gave a smile to her face. So happy was she that she gave him her “Journey Dreambook ‘12 (Limited Keepsake Edition)” which she said was important to her but was giving him because she made him happy then asked him to give her a hug. Bon went to her side and they hugged each other.

That moment‘s something I’ll never ever forget. I can’t believe what my 6 yr old son just said and did! He didn’t want her to worry about him anymore that’s why he insisted on talking to her before going to class. And after class, he told me that he stayed in class just as he promised Ms. Jackie.


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Posted by on October 2, 2012 in Loves of My Life, Random Thoughts


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