What’s so good about getting sick?

06 Aug

What’s so good about getting sick? Being taken care of the loves of my life. Daddy and mommy cooking food for the sick me and Bon not letting me do anything — even pagkilos sa bed. He’s even the one who puts the blanket over me whenever I feel cold. “Don’t move, mama. I’ll put a blanket over your body so you won’t feel cold anymore.” “Are you feeling better, mama?” and “I love you, mama more than the stars in the sky!” Thank you, Lord for giving me such a wonderful family! ♥ (Pahabol:just now, Bon opened his pack of Stickos and sinubo sa akin the first stick!) I love you more than the pebbles on the floor, baby! (Mas konti ‘yan sa stars in the sky ni Bon but pebbles on the floor naman ‘yan ng buong mundo! ahehe) =D

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