Changes… ;P

28 May

It’s raining quite hard now. Let’s resched. YOU know, keep this in mind. HINDI na sked MO ang MASUSUNOD this time. We will go out IF and WHEN I WANT.. Same goes with answering your calls and text messages, too. I told you, IT’s NOT gonna be EASY this time. And PUHLEEZ, STOP calling so early in the morning. Ghad, 7 calls this morning -as in every 30 minutes! Parang hindi na din ako natulog kakatawag mo. But, I’d give you this one, you kept your cool kahit sinusungitan na kita. Hindi ka nag-“sungit back”. Ang bait, huh! At least alam mo na masungit ako ng walang tulog at naaabala ang tulog. You said you want to ba a BETTER person.. I’ll whip your ass to make you one. You said, WALA kasing nage-effort dahil TAKOT banggain ka. Lagi ka na lang sinusunod ng LAHAT ng taong nakapaligid sa’yo KAHIT MALI. Hmmm, naa-appreciate mo din naman pala ang pagiging – what’s that term you always call me – bully ko. ;P

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