17 May

Good morning everyone! 8 hours of sleep (mn-8:25am) — ok na din. Better than the 2-3hours that I usually get. It would have been longer have it not been for YOUR early morning call (8:25am). Wow! Talagang DESIDIDO KA huh?! But I’m NOT convinced yet. KNOWING YOU, gagawin mo lang ‘yan ’til I give in. NOT THIS TIME. MARAMI KAng dapat BAWIIN, PAGSISIHAN and BAGUHIN sa SARILI MO. Trouble is, YOU SAID that I’m the ONLY ONE BELIEVING that YOU CAN BE A BETTER PERSON and the ONLY ONE HELPING YOU TO BE ONE — you said YOU WANT TO BE A BETTER PERSON. Yet, you give in to WHAT YOU THINK YOUR FRIENDS WANT.. you WON’T LET GO of the things that MADE/MAKE YOU who you are now.. you WON’T LET GO of the HATE (that you’ve been harboring since you were little).. You said NOBODY KNOWS YOU LIKE I DO, NO ONE KNOWS HOW YOU TRULY FEEL.. NOT YOUR FRIENDS, EVEN YOUR FAMILY.. Ang BIGAT ng BAGGAGE na PINADALA MO sa AKIN all these years but I DID EVERYTHING to HELP YOU.. at the expense of my own happiness, dignity and self-respect.. Because I loved you.. Yes, “loved”, PAST TENSE.. I’M DONE.. I’M SORRY but NOBODY can CHANGE YOU but YOURSELF! Unsolicited advice (dati ko pa naman sinasabi sa’yo eh), LET GO of the HATE and LEARN to FORGIVE! And most important of all, PRAY! Ikaw ang nagturo sa akin noon to pray and magsimba regularly. It stopped when you regularly went out with your friends during weekends until nasanay ka na. I’m not blaming them coz it was your choice. Things went “sour” in your life and you started blaming and questioning God. I told you, don’t you think this is just a “wake up call.” It’s God’s way of telling you to “go back to Him”. Ayaw mo makinig sa akin. You said sa part na ‘yan ka hindi makikinig sa akin. That’s just too bad. Coz uulit-ulitin ko din lang sa’yo to TRUST, HAVE FAITH and BELIEVE in HIM again if you want your life to be better. PRAY. And I promise you, EVERYTING IN YOUR LIFE WILL BE GREAT! 🙂

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