A “different” kind of LOVE

16 Apr

Dada (Dexballesteros) called a while back. You’re right, kahit ano pang mangyari or nangyayari sa life natin, one thing still remains. In times of trouble and sadness, WE LONG FOR EACH OTHERS’ COMPANY coz WE FIND COMFORT IN EACH OTHER. You said I was your ROCK and you find COMFORT in ME — kahit nga hindi ako magsalita. That I’M IMPORTANT! And that NOBODY CAN EVER CHANGE THAT — NOT EVEN YOUR FRIENDS (ESPECIALLY “HIM”)! I do FEEL the SAME! When I’m feeling this way, IKAW PA DIN ANG GUSTO KO NAKAKAUSAP. I guess that’s something that A LOT OF PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND (especially “HIM”). We have a “different” kind of LOVE and UNDERSTANDING that is hard to explain but we both know is there. That’s why WE’RE IN EACH OTHERS’ LIVES kahit ano pang mangyari. Naiintindihan ko na din kung bakit lagi mo sinasabi that you want to protect me from your friends (esp from “Him”). I believe you now — NOTHING and NO ONE can ever CHANGE WHAT WE HAVE!

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