♥♥♥ A Very Special Love ♥♥♥

14 Apr


The whole day mainit ang ulo ko — literal na mainit coz it was freakin’ hot the whole day! I didn’t move, just stayed in bed except when Bon needed something which required me to get up. My eyes were closed most of the time due to migraine. I think di ata ako nag-smile coz effort pa. Ahehe!


BUT, I heard something that made me open my eyes, get up and smile from ear to ear — Bon singing “A Very Special Love” (Sarah G.). He was using the earphones so I didn’t know he was listening to it. Nakakatuwa coz he was singing it in tune pati ‘yung “Ahhh” part! I didn’t want to look at him at first coz he might stop but I couldn’t help it, I faced him smiling from “batok to batok” naman. =D


He didn’t stop, even looked at me and said, “Mama, the title of this song is A Very Special Love. It’s a nice song. Do you like it? YOU’RE MY VERY SPECIAL LOVE, MAMA!


I think I “felt” MY HEART SMILE and do a cartwheel (well, you know what I mean!) that time.




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