Ang “EGO”.. bow! ;p

12 Mar


Still not sleepy. He left around 1:40am coz nag-text na si JCB coz they need the car by 2am. Malamang gising ako til morning coz naka-3 cups of coffee each kami then water and iced tea! Lol!

I’m glad that I made him realize a lot of important things.. and best of all, MADE HIM LAUGH!

Ehdi na-appreciate mo din ang pagiging brutally frank ko?! Wahehe! Like I said, People will do anything for love and if they didn’t/don’t, then it’s not as instense as they think.

Quotes for the day: “Any relationship that started on the rebound or is just there for “convenience” wouldn’t last!”


“You can NEVER move on if you still hasn’t LET GO of the past.”

My faves:

“Stop being such a stubborn ass and justifying what wasn’t really there in the first place!”

“She’s such a bitch for doing that to you.. The text is BS! That’s not love at all!”

“Sa totoo lang, ang nasaktan eh ang ego mo coz the person whom you believed wouldn’t hurt you actually did the worst thing of all!”

Moral of the story: “WAG gawing MALALIM ang MABABAW!” diba? ;p

Talk to you later. Matulog ka na. Good luck na lang sa akin kung antukin ako agad!


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