Make Up Noob’s “Pasko sa Agosto”

20 Aug

What’s a GOOD day for me? It’s accomplishing what I have set out to do for the day. It can be anything from cooking, cleaning the house, blogging, FB-ing, Tweeting, just lounging around the house, playing with my kid or doing a dvd marathon with my hubby. Anything that I can say is productive. As it is, I don’t like the feeling of stagnancy – I just need to do something.. anything! I just love being busy!

What’s a GREAT day for me? It’s doing all of the things I stated above, blogging about it and GETTING A CHANCE TO WIN SOMETHING just for doing the things that you love!

It indeed is amazing to chance upon Make Up Noob’s Pasko sa Agosto because she let’s you do the things that’s literally “second skin” to you then gives you an opportunity to win a set of Human Nature Organic Make Up! And that is without having to purchase anything!

Human Nature Lipstick

Human Nature Blush and Foundation


I definitely consider this a blessing that is worthy to share. Please do check out her site so you can also get a chance to participate in the raffle.

Good luck and God bless everyone! Mwah ❤

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