To Change Or Not to Change – That is the Question!

10 Mar

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly-What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Such great quotations to live by, but the harsh reality of life is, men judge women more from the outside than from within; which is rather sad, but unfortunately we have to accept..So, do we really need to change for the men in our lives? No, I think not.

Having a few physical changes isn’t bad at all. But we should do it for the “right” reasons. We shouldn’t do it just because your boyfriend likes you really skinny, so just to please him, you’d eat half a cup of rice instead of the usual 2 cups that you eat – not very healthy, I know. But what I’m trying to say here is, should you decide to do it, it’s because you want it…you’d feel happy about it…

I know that beauty from the inside is much more important than beauty from the outside. But wouldn’t it be great if you have both? I’m not saying that you do a 360-degree makeover. Even a little change can make a big difference. If you’d ask me, start with the eyes-the eyes do tell all. After all they are the windows to the soul, right? If you look into a persons eyes you can read the person. Do you remember saying, I think she’s a good person because I can see it in her eyes. Ridiculous as it may sound but we can actually read a person through the eyes because the very quality of the person is etched deep within the psyche and will shine through in their eyes.

Having said that, why not have an eyelash extension or an eyelash perm? Not wanting to sound like an ad, but like what I mentioned earlier-small change, big difference. Believe me, it wouldn’t only make you look different, but feel different as well. Having that little change would make you feel more beautiful and the better you feel, the more beautiful you’ll look. Like how, you ask?

It actually has something to do with confidence. Even the plainest looking person would glow from the inside out because of the inner happiness and confidence of one’s self that a simple change would bring. Exuding that confidence then brings with it a natural glow. It’s as simple as: Incy, wincy physical change equals renewed confidence; With that confidence comes happiness; And with that happiness, out goes that natural glow…See, no need for a Dra. Belo or a Dr. Calayan there.

Just a simple change to make a huge effect in your life..and who knows what effect it would bring to the “eye of the beholder”, too?—That-is-the-Question!&id=4332588

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