LOVE between DEX & BON

10 Mar

MINE (term of endearment between Dex and me) regularly calls us every break, every night when he’s at work.. He especially makes sure to call before his “twinfoosh” (his term of endearment for our son, BON) goes to sleep so they can say their “I LOVE YOU’s”…


Last night, at around 10:30pm, during his “lunch break”, he called as usual but I’d like to share with everyone the conversation between the “twinfooshes” because I feel so happy and touched by the LOVE that was evident during their talk.


By the way, Dex is sick, but, the disciplined and workaholic person that he is, he still opted to work coz he said that he can still manage and he wants to save up for his son’s future… Bon knows that his dada’s sick…


Dada: “Hi baby, I miss you!”

Bon: “Dada, you need to come home now so you can get your medicine, drink water from my cup, eat your noodle & soup and rest so you’ll feel better”.

Dada: “Okay.”

Bon: “I love you!”

Dada: “I love you, too!”

Bon then said to me: “Mama, dada needs to come home now so I can give him his medicine and water, and put ice pack on his forehead. I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF DADA, mama!”


I am so proud of my son for being the thoughtful, caring, and loving 4-year old that he is…






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