Anniversary 2009 gift from DEX

Men typically have no clue what their girlfriends/wives/partners “love” to receive as a gift. And most men “abhor” shopping for “girly” stuff. What really endeared Dex to me is his “sensitivity” as to what I like/want/need. He’s not ashamed to shop for things for me like pantiliners, napkins, underwear — you name it, he has bought it for  me! And what I LOVE about HIM is he DEFINITELY knows what I LOVE LOVE LOVE! STILETTOS baby.. STILETTOS!!!

He gifted me with this red 3-inch FIGLIA stiletto on our anniversary in 2009. He picked me up from work at HTMT Libis (he does that everyday) but that particular day was of course extra special. My shift ended at 8 am and we went straight to SM North EDSA. We arrived a little after 9am and waited for the mall to open since it opens at 10am. While waiting, he showed me different pictures of stilettos and asked me which one I wanted. I felt so happy that he made an effort to go to 2 malls — Trinoma and SM North EDSA — a few days before our anniversary to try and find the “perfect stiletto.” And since he saw several that he thought I would like, he took pictures instead so he could show those to me and make me choose for the one I really liked. He also decided to take photos of the shoes so I wouldn’t take so much time going through 2 malls and the whole shoe department since he knew that I would be coming home from work and would be really tired. It was just so considerate of him! This is a photo of his gift for me which I totally love! And I TOTALLY LOVE HIM for the EFFORT, CONSIDERATION AND LOVE! Thanks MINE!


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